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Goodbye, Mr. Nimoy — What Spock Meant to One Geeky 12-Year-Old Girl

Andrew Scott as Tom Ripley in RIPLEY.

Third Knives Out Film Taps Andrew Scott as a Suspect

Cover of We Shall Be Monsters by Tara Sim, showing a woman and a skeleton facing each other on purple insect wings against a dark background.

Read an Excerpt From Tara Sim’s We Shall Be Monsters

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Vampirates and The String Diaries Series Have Adaptations in Development

Sophie from Death of a Pop Star Webtoon

Diablo Cody to Adapt Death of a Pop Star Webtoon

Mille Gibson as Ruby Sunday and Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor in 73 Yards, Doctor Who

Doctor Who Steps Into the Fairy Ring in “73 Yards”

Book covers of Almuric by Robert E Howard and Beyond the Farthest Star by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Planetary Romance Goes Interstellar: Almuric by Robert E. Howard and Beyond the Farthest Star by Edgar Rice Burroughs

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Anya Taylor-Joy surrounded by explosions in a scene from Furioisa: A Mad Max Saga

Furiosa Tells Its Own Story Without the Usual Pitfalls of Prequels

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Close up illustration of an red-tinted animal-like eye, from the cover of Chupacabra by Roland Smith

Desperately Seeking Cryptids: Roland Smith’s Chupacabra

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Full wrap-around cover art from Winter's Heart by Robert Jordan

Reading The Wheel of Time: With Help, Mat Manages an Escape Plan in Winter’s Heart (Part 19)

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Black and white photo taken during an ESP card experiment.

Five Works of SF Inspired by Pseudoscience

Terry Pratchett Book Club: Snuff, Part I

Illustration depicting a scene in Richard Wagner's The Ring of the Nibelung. A man in armor and a winged helmet blows a curved horn.

Five Unforgettable Norse Warriors in Historical Fiction and Fantasy

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