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“Warm fuzzy encouragement that I don’t need” — <i>Star Trek: Discovery</i>’s “Lagrange Point”

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Moll (Eve Harlow) aboard the Breen ship in Star Trek: Discovery “Lagrange Point”

“Warm fuzzy encouragement that I don’t need” — Star Trek: Discovery’s “Lagrange Point”

Cassandra Webb attends a baby shower and tries to lighten the mood.

The One Truly Great Scene in Madame Web

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Blu del Barrio as Adira in Star Trek: Discovery streaming on Paramount+, 2023.

Star Trek: Discovery’s Blu del Barrio Shares Their Secret to Memorizing Technobabble

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A scene from Tron (1982) in which Tron (Bruce Boxleitner) holds an Identity Disc

Tron: Breaking Cinematic Ground on the Gaming Grid

Colin Farrell in a car in Sugar

Sugar and the Challenging Art of Genre Hybrids

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Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson as the Doctor and Ruby Sunday in Doctor Who, "Boom"

Doctor Who Averts Most of the Explosions in “Boom”

A screenshot from Babylon 5 episode "And the Sky Full of Stars"

Babylon 5 Rewatch: “And the Sky Full of Stars”

Tony Nappo as Breen leader Primarch Ruhn from Star Trek: Discovery.

“The Mind Doesn’t Lie” — Star Trek: Discovery’s “Labyrinths”

Screenshot of Open Your Eyes, showing César (played by Eduardo Noriega) looking back over his shoulder.

Open Your Eyes: Dreams and Nightmares of Our Own Creation

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A Love Song to the Walker, Texas Ranger Lever, on the Occasion of Its 20th Anniversary

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Side by side images of Marie-Laure (Aria Mia Loberti) in All the Light We Cannot See and Kristen (Mackenzie Davis) in Station Eleven

What Station Eleven and All the Light We Cannot See Reveal About Art and Loneliness

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Two Babylon 5 aliens

Babylon 5 Rewatch: “The War Prayer”