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Cover of The Spellshop by Sarah Beth Durst, showing stone steps leading up to a sunlit cottage surrounded by trees and flowers. A winged cat lies on the steps.

“It Tastes Like a Memory” — Read an Excerpt From Sarah Beth Durst’s The Spellshop

It takes a village to open a heart... and just one man to steal it.

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Devil and the Deep cover: sea serpent coils emerging from a sea lit by an enormous rising moon.

We’re All Mermaids in the End: Seanan McGuire’s “Sister, Dearest Sister, Let Me Show You To the Sea”

There will be fairy tales, Disney princesses wrestling with Andersen and Grim levels of bitter v...

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Collection of five book covers of shared universe short fiction anthologies

Five Classic SFF Works Set in a Shared Universe

A bunch of your favorite authors all playing in the same speculative sandbox... what's not to lo...

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Cover of In the Shadow of the Fall by Tobi Ogundiran, showing three people with glowing eyes wearing dresses, the center one standing in the prow of a boat. The sky is full of lightning and rain.

Read an Excerpt From Tobi Ogundiran’s In the Shadow of the Fall

A cosmic war reignites and the fate of the orisha lie in the hands of an untried acolyte.

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Cover of Circumpolar! by Richard A Lupoff

Flat-Out Fun: Circumpolar! by Richard A. Lupoff

A rollicking alternate history asks what would happen if Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh, and...

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Cover of Mouth by Puloma Ghosh, showing a picture of a mouth and a picture of a section of an orange or grapefruit.

An Evocative, Surreal Debut: Mouth by Puloma Ghosh

A review of Puloma Ghosh's new short story collection.

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Cover of Navola by Paolo Bacigalupi, showing a dark red eye with a slitted pupil against a white ornamental relief background.

Read an Excerpt From Paolo Bacigalupi’s Navola

A young scion from a ruling-class family faces rebellion as he ascends to power.

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Photo of the earth taken from space.

Five SF Earths With More Than One Indigenous Intelligent Species

Imagining a world in which Homo sapiens are no longer the only intelligent tool users on the blo...

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Cover of Snuff by Terry Pratchett, showing Vimes steering a boat, surrounded by chickens, in a chaotic scene.

Terry Pratchett Book Club: Snuff, Part III

I would not like to be present for the damn slam.

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