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Terry Pratchett Book Club: Snuff, Part I

Carrot, how could you not check that envelope, you know better...

Five Unforgettable Norse Warriors in Historical Fiction and Fantasy

Berserkers and shield-maidens, orcs and Vikings, and epic exploits...

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Cover of Dreadful by Caitlin Rozakis, showing a black, castle-like building with black tentacles, against a red background.

Read an Excerpt From Caitlin Rozakis’s Dreadful

Killer moat squid, toxic masculinity, an evil wizard convocation, and a garlic festival. All at...

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Cover of Lake of Souls by Ann Leckie

Ann Leckie Dredges Up Short Fiction Treasures in Her New Collection Lake of Souls

Discover the wit and weight of the Ancillary Justice and Raven Tower author’s short fiction.

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Cover of Twelfth Knight by Alexene Farol Follmuth

Play Along With Twelfth Knight: An Arthurian One-Shot TTRPG

An enthralling adventure built on the Arthurian lore that inspired Alexene Farol Follmuth's new...

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Collection of book covers for 5 SFF titles that feature unique mentors

Five of SFF’s Wisest and Quirkiest Mentors

From clever young witches to itinerant monks, there's much to learn from each of these unconvent...

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Cover of Foul Days by Genoveva Dimova, showing a figure standing at the edge of a tunnel, with black demon-like shapes surrounding it.

Read an Excerpt From Genoveva Dimova’s Foul Days

A fast-paced fantasy novel rooted in Slavic folklore.

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Cover of Pet Sematary by Stephen King, showing a silhouette of a man holding a shovel against a cloudy sky

Smucky the Cat, He Was Obedient: Stephen King’s Pet Sematary (Part 2)

Jud takes the Creeds to the pet cemetery, and Ellie has her first day of Kindergarten...

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Portrait of William Shakespeare by John Taylor (c.1610)

King Lear Had a Happy Ending for 140 Years

People have always rewritten Shakespeare’s plays—let's discuss the fascinating history of adapti...

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lightning storm at night

Seven SFF Stories About Weird Weather

From sinister mist and creepy clouds to the strangest rain storms, these stories about weird wea...

Cover of Jan/Feb 2024 short fiction bundle.

Download Two New Reactor Short Fiction Bundles

Catch-up on the latest short fiction from Reactor!

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