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Cover of Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett.

Terry Pratchett Book Club: Unseen Academicals, Part II

May your sherry whisper wonderful things to you, too

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Cover art for three pieces of short speculative fiction first published in March 2024

Must Read Short Speculative Fiction: March 2024

Death, betrayal, and the unexpectedly weird in this month's short fiction spotlight.

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Book cover of the SFF anthology Nordic Visions

Nordic Visions Provides a Unique Overview of Contemporary Nordic SF, Fantasy, and Horror

A recent anthology celebrates a broad range of short stories, from ghost stories to fairy tales...

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Artist's conception of the asteroid belt

Five SF Novels Inspired by Disproven Scientific Theories

Plenty of exciting hypotheses eventually fall out of scientific favor — but not before they've f...

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Book cover of Alexis Henderson's An Academy of Liars

Revealing An Academy for Liars by Alexis Henderson

A student will find that the hardest lessons sometimes come outside the classroom...

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Cover of The Vanishing Station, depicting a golden tunnel surrounded by woods, with train tracks leading over water to a bridge.

Read an Excerpt From Ana Ellickson’s The Vanishing Station

A YA contemporary fantasy about an underground magic system in San Francisco—and the lengths one...

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Cover of The Feastmakers, depicting two swans with necks intertwined and a book resting on their necks, against a purple background.

H.A. Clarke’s The Feast Makers is Sharp as a Knife

A review of the final book in H.A. Clarke’s young adult fantasy series.

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Detail of the frontispiece to "Goblin Market and other Poems" by Christina Rossetti, 1862. (Art by Dante Gabriel Rossetti)

Poetry Month 2024: Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market”

Is it a fable?—or a mere fairy story—or an allegory against the pleasures of sinful love—or what...

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12 Poems That Consider the Cosmos 

From the Moon landing to Pluto's orbit, these poems explore space and all of our weird human fee...

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Book cover of O.O. Sangoyomi's Masquerade against a background of map art from the novel

Reality Meets the Invented: Revealing the Map for Masquerade

O.O. Sangoyomi's debut novel imagines an alternate history of 15th century West Africa.

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Cover of Five Broken Blades, showing five blades against a red background

Read an Excerpt From Mai Corland’s Five Broken Blades

It's the season for treason in this fantasy debut…

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Cover art of The Emperor and the Endless Palace

Love, Lust and Reincarnation: The Emperor and the Endless Palace

A review of Justinian Huang's new queer romantic fantasy.

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