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All Hallow’s Read: Neil Gaiman’s New Halloween Tradition


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All Hallow’s Read: Neil Gaiman’s New Halloween Tradition


Published on September 7, 2011

Neil Gaiman is out to start a new holiday tradition, All Hallow’s Read. You can read the particulars on his site but the idea is simple: give friends and family scary books (new or old) around Hallowe’en time, in addition to the sugar high goodness of trick-or-treating. It is a gracious and inspirational idea, one that embodies the fun of gathering together on holidays to share stories, tell old tales and make up new ones…. will be participating in All Hallow’s Read in a number of ways leading up to Hallowe’en. We will run our book sweepstakes in pairs: winners will get one prize to keep and one to give away. On Hallowe’en itself we will will run a 24 hour sweepstakes marathon, giving away books every o’clock from witching hour to witching hour. Lastly, we’ll be publishing free monster stories on every day from October 24th through the 28th, so everybody wins!

Of course, new traditions grow stronger, better, and faster when people join in the fun and start taking part, so take some pressure off your book shelves and give away a couple books, or support your local bookstore and buy some new ones to share. It’s more filling and less caloric than candy corn, we promise!

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