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Announcing The Glass Immortals, a New Epic Fantasy Series from Brian McClellan


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Announcing The Glass Immortals, a New Epic Fantasy Series from Brian McClellan


Published on October 28, 2019

Photo courtesy of the author.
Photo courtesy of the author.

Tor Books is pleased to announce they’ve acquired the rights to a thrilling new epic fantasy series from author Brian McClellan. Set in a world of industrialized magic, The Glass Immortals follows a failed prodigy, an unwilling assassin, a sorcerous engineer, and a mad warrior through the cut-throat machinations of the Ossan Empire, the guild-families who rule it, and a war that could bring an end to both magic and civilization. Immense in scope, fast-paced and powerful, the Glass Immortals has it all: intrigue, battles, assassinations, duels, ancient orders, heart-wrenching characters, and the same flair for exciting magical systems that Brian brought to his acclaimed Powder Mage books.

Book one, In the Shadow of Lightning, is set to release from Tor Books in spring of 2022. This is a World English deal via Caitlin Blasdell at Liza Dawson Associates.

From Devi Pillai, Vice President and Publisher of Tor Books:

I’ve been a fan of Brian since the beginning when he blew me away with his a Powder mage series. Now, we have a brand new world where magic is dying and a washed-up prodigy must come back to the politics and intrigue he left behind to avenge his mother. Add a greedy and all powerful empire built on “godglass” magic and controlled by the guilds and you have a perfect storm of industrialized magic, amazing characters, and a world you can immerse yourself in.

From author Brian McClellan:

I’m incredibly excited to join the team at Tor for Glass Immortals. Tor was the very first publisher I recognized as a voracious young reader and getting the chance to work with them is like a dream come true. I’m especially thrilled to work once again with Devi Pillai, who acquired both Powder Mage trilogies and edited the first four books.

Brian McClellan’s six Powder Mage novels have sold over half a million copies in sixteen different languages, and have been nominated repeatedly for the Goodreads Choice Awards since 2013. His debut, Promise of Blood, won the coveted Gemmell Morningstar Award. He has also successfully self-published a number of short stories and novellas within the Powder Mage Universe, as well as his new urban fantasy series, Valkyrie Collections.

Brian is excited to enter the Tor lineup and begin the next phase of his career! He can be found on TwitterFacebookInstagramTwitch, and at his website.

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