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Author Michael J. Sullivan Updates on More Elan Stories and Riyria Books


Author Michael J. Sullivan Updates on More Elan Stories and Riyria Books

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Author Michael J. Sullivan Updates on More Elan Stories and Riyria Books


Published on July 24, 2019


Michael J. Sullivan, author of The Riyria Revelations and The Riyria Chronicles series, dropped by r/Fantasy last week for an AMA. Along with insights into his writing process, book recommendations, and advice for aspiring authors, the author also dropped some updates about his upcoming books. Click through for the latest dispatch from the world of Elan!

On more Elan stories:

I have three series planned for Elan.

  • Riyria (Revelations and Chronicles) that for the sake of argument let’s say it’s the “farthest forward” in the timeline. Revelations is done, and the Chronicles are “ongoing”—sorta. I have a possible 10 books in that series but I won’t write them all if the pair start to “wear thin” so I release a book, check the temperature of the fans, and if they want more, I write another.
  • Legends of the First Empire is [set] 3,000 years before Riyria and is a completed six-book series. There won’t be any more “Legends” books (at least not that I can see). 4 of those books are out now, and the last two are due 2/4/20 and 5/5/20.
  • Rise and Fall is a trilogy that sits “between” Legends and Riyria. The first book occurs about 200 years after the end of Age of Empyre and the next book a few more hundred years ahead, and the last book occurs 1,000 years before Riyria and 2,000 years after Legends.

Those set of books pretty much wrap up everything about the Elan stories except for one “teeny-tiny” thing that to finish off completely would make me go ahead in the timeline (post Revelations). Will I write that book? I’m not sure. I might just finish off Rise and Fall and call it quits there.

All that said, I have a lot of other books I want to write, many of them in genres other than fantasy. I want to do a sequel to Hollow World, I also have a sci-fi trilogy that I outlined about 8 years ago. I have a horror story I’ve been wanting to write, and I have about a dozen or so other stories I’d like to explore. Bottom line, I have more stories than I’ll be able to write before I croak over, so I’m just going to try to get as many of them out as I can, and many of them have nothing to do with Riyria or Elan.

On the next Riyria Chronicles volume, Drumindor:

As most know, I won’t jeopardize Riyria franchise by jumping the shark tank, so I’d rather have the pair leave too soon than stay too long. To that end, I release a Riyria book, wait a bit, and then take the temperature. If there is still interest, then I write another one.

The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter came out in October 2018. Generally speaking, we need about 6 months after the release to determine “if” there will be a new installment, and I’m pleased to say that in April 2019 we did indeed determine that Royce and Hadrian haven’t yet overstayed their welcome. So, the “placeholder” of Drumindor shifted from “possible” to “it will be created.” I did the outline for this book in 2017 (and all the other Riyria Chronicle books “just in case”), so it’s just a matter of writing. Since I already [have] books planned for release for Feb (Age of Death) and May (Age of Empyre) 2020, the soonest it will come out is either late 2020 or early 2021. That gives me plenty of time to write it. It’ll be fun to be back with the pair again. I’m always amazed by how easy it is to “fall back” into their adventures. It’ll be nice to be “home” again.

On the Drumindor plot, and whether fans will get to see Royce and Hadrian 20 years in the future:

The pair will be taking their first trip to the dwarven fortress on the bay of Tur Del Fur.

As for a Royce and Hadrian 20 years after Riyria…no plans in the works for that one. I think the “guys” were left in a good place and they deserve a rest ;-)

On his upcoming Elan trilogy, The Rise and Fall:

It can best be summed up as “the bridge books” because it is sandwiched between Legends and Riyria. It’ll start about 200 years after the end of Age of Empyre and end 1,000 years before Theft of Swords.

In it, you will meet some people you’ve heard of (but probably don’t remember)—like Princess Farilane, and some you know quite well (like Esrahaddon). I think for those who want to know more about what happened during the revolt that sent the Heir and the Guardian into hiding, this will be a book that gives them those answers.

Check out the rest of Michael J. Sullivan’s r/Fantasy AMA here!

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