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In Search of Big Feelings

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painting of a boy kneeling on an ottoman with an open book

There’s No Wrong Way to Read a Book

Comment number: 52

Playing Favorites With Favorites, or, What We Talk About When We Talk About Our Favorite Books

Comment number: 83

Maybe You Can Have Too Many Books in Your TBR Pile

Comment number: 39

Reading With the Voice(s) in Our Heads

Comment number: 39

Comfort Me With Sadness: Grief, Hope, and a Different Kind of Comfort Read

Comment number: 3

Decisions Are Hard: Picking What to Read Next

Comment number: 25

The Only Way Out Is Through: On Reading Slumps

Comment number: 10

This One’s Too Large, This One’s Too Small: Is There a Perfect Shape for Books?

Comment number: 39

The Maybe-Impossible Ideal Window of Reading Opportunity

Comment number: 14

It’s Time to Put Down the Beach Read and Pick Up a Crunchy Autumnal Book

Comment number: 12

The Libraries of Who We Are

Comment number: 12
painting of a woman seated in an arm chair reading a book

What to Read When You Are Worn Out on World-Saving

Comment number: 61

Out of the Woods: In Search of More Ominous Landscapes

Comment number: 7

Lee Pace Reads Science Fiction, So Obviously His Characters Do Too

Comment number: 8

You Really Don’t Have to Finish Every Book You Start

Comment number: 59

What Makes a Long Book Feel Too Long?

Comment number: 34
The Expanse TV vs book series

To Finish Reading The Expanse Books or Watching The Expanse TV Series First, and Related Adaptation Dilemmas

Comment number: 12

A Year in Books Not Yet Read

Comment number: 4

It’s the Best Season for Reading. So Why Don’t I Pick Up a Book?

Comment number: 6

Rereading Is Time Travel

Comment number: 4