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Could Be J.K. Rowling Be Revealing a New Potter Book With “Pottermore”?


Could Be J.K. Rowling Be Revealing a New Potter Book With “Pottermore”?

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Could Be J.K. Rowling Be Revealing a New Potter Book With “Pottermore”?


Published on June 16, 2011

Pottermore... Harry Potter book 8?
Pottermore... Harry Potter book 8?

Today J.K. Rowling revealed the cryptic website Pottermore, which will supposedly announce the launch of a new J.K. Rowling project on Thursday, June 23rd. Owls are gathering around a countdown clock on YouTube, teasing that a new announcement will occur soon.

According to Publisher’s Weekly and The, Rowling’s PR agency has denied this is an announcement about another Harry Potter novel. So just what is this?

If the announcement from Rowling is truly not to reveal another entry in the Potter series, what could this be? The existence of the owls and the name of the website being called “Pottermore” seem to contradict the notion this forthcoming reveal isn’t heavily Potter-related. So if it’s not a book, what could it be?

Below, we present a few theories:

1.) The Harry Potter books will finally be available in ebook format.

A hyped announcement, bearing a trademarked name, only to announce ebooks doesn’t seem like Rowling’s style, but it is interesting to note that according to The Bookseller Rowling’s PR spokesperson declined to comment when asked directly if “Pottermore” was connected to potential Potter ebooks. So maybe that’s all it is.

2.) Something to do with Lumos, Rowling’s charity

Another possibility is that Rowling is releasing some kind of Potter-related product to promote her charity Lumos. Perhaps she wants to use her influence to help promote the cause of disadvantaged children on an even more visible stage? As opposed to the ebooks theory, this seems far more Rowling’s style.

3.) An announcement of the release of the Harry Potter Encyclopedia or, the Encyclopedia Itself

Rowling has mentioned more than once a desire to release a comprehensive reference tome of the wizarding world of Hogwarts, compiling her exhaustive notes and backstory about the world of Harry Potter. Maybe this announcement is simply that; the Encyclopedia is on its way.

Or, “Pottermore” is going to be the encyclopedia itself, akin to a wiki-style information portal. This theory doesn’t strictly contradict the press statement that it’s not another Harry Potter book, and is certainly something worth making a big deal about.

4.) A flat out announcement of an eighth Harry Potter book. Or new series.

Despite word to the contrary, this could be an eighth Harry Potter book. Or, perhaps, a new series set in the same world. That wouldn’t technically be “another Harry Potter book.” But why call it “Pottermore”?


In any case, get your wands ready. We’ll know in six days! Chime in with your own theories below!

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