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Revealing Good Night, Sleep Tight by Brian Evenson


Revealing <i>Good Night, Sleep Tight</i> by Brian Evenson

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Revealing Good Night, Sleep Tight by Brian Evenson

A new collection of new stories about artificial intelligence and “post-human” relationships.


Published on February 8, 2024

Photo credit: Valerie Evenson

Photograph of author Brian Evenson beside the cover of his upcoming book, Good Night, Sleep Tight

Photo credit: Valerie Evenson

We’re thrilled to share the cover of Good Night, Sleep Tight, a new short story collection from author Brian Evenson—available September 10, 2024 from Coffee House Press.

“Perhaps tomorrow I will wake up another person. Perhaps tomorrow I will wake up not a person at all.”

From the “master of literary horror” (GQ) comes a collection of new stories tracing the limits and consequences of artificial intelligence and “post-human” relationships. Populated by twins stepping into worlds of absence, bears who lick their cubs into creation, and artificial beings haunted by their less-than-human nature, each page sketches a world where our all-too-real feelings of isolation and ecological dread take on an otherworldly tinge.

In Good Night, Sleep Tight, Brian Evenson deftly weaves ethical dilemmas, maternal warmth, and echoes of apocalypse into his most tender, disquieting book yet.

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Good Night, Sleep Tight

Brian Evenson

Praised by Peter Straub for going “furthest out on the sheerest, least sheltered narrative precipice,” Brian Evenson has won the World Fantasy Award, The International Horror Guild Award, and the Shirley Jackson Award. He is also the recipient of three O. Henry Awards, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and was a finalist for the Ray Bradbury Prize.

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