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Gearing up for 2011: A Steampunk Convention List


Gearing up for 2011: A Steampunk Convention List

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Gearing up for 2011: A Steampunk Convention List


Published on January 24, 2011

Steampunk conventions in 2011
Steampunk conventions in 2011

Looking for a place to hang your top hat and meet other steampunks this year? With some help from the news & events site Airship Ambassador, here’s a list of upcoming conventions for 2011. Conventions with a large steampunk attendence or steampunk/alt history track are also included too.

I’d also stick in monthly meet-ups  and one-time events too, but as far as I can tell, there are too many to count (and growing!) To compromise, though, let me recommend the extensive listing, updated frequently, on The Airship Ambassador and additional news from The Steampunk Tribune.

Now check out our list after the jump,  and feel free to add any more events in the comments.

Feb 4-6, Warwick, RI
The Sixth Annual New England Retro-Futurist Convention”
TempleCon hosts a variety of casual and competitive games and retro-futurist science-fiction themed events in a luxurious social setting. A non-stop weekend of music, retro-futurist science-fiction themed live performances, table-top hobby games, panel discussions, creative workshops, plus a wide variety of other events. Featuring guests Leanna Renee Heiber, G.D. Falksen and The Wandering Legion of the Thomas Tew.

Feb 25-27, Atlanta, GA
“Imagine the Possibilities…”
AnachroCon is the place in the south for steampunk, history, alternate history, sciences, music, classic sci-fi literature and the most amazing costuming you’ve ever seen! Special guests include musical guests the Gypsy Nomads, author Jana Oliver, and propmaker Matt Silva.

Alternative Living Expo
March 5-6, Philadelphia, PA
“Three great shows, one weekend, one place!”
From the folks behind Wicked Faire, the The Steampunk World’s Fair/Dracula’s Ball, and, comes a huge expo for people who’d like to sample out-of-the-ordinary pleasures; create an extraordinary and unique wedding; and find ways to give their homes and living environments beauty and richness in a sustainable environment. Features three events, including ModVic’s “Back Home to the Future” Show.

Wild Wild West Con
March 4-6, Tuscon, AZ
“Where Steampunk Meets the Real West”
Wild Wild West Con is Arizona’s first and only steampunk convention and festival. This is a revolutionary re-invention of the standard hotel-based convention. The core of the event is held within Old Tucson Studios, a famous movie studio and amusement park built in 1939.

Mythic Faire
March 11-13, Baltimore, MD
“A Celebration of World Creation, Time Travel & Fantastic Realms”
An inclusive con for medieval, steampunk, faerie, gothic, renaissance, pirates, celtic and more… Shop for beautiful arts, crafts and apparel, meet and listen to internationally acclaimed artists, authors and designers, and enjoy music from bands that collide and fuse cultures, rhythms and melodies throughout the day and at our Masquerade Balls into the night. Featuring a Time Traveler’s Masquerade headlined by Abney Park.

Nova Albion
March 25-27, Santa Clara , CA
“The Wild, Wild East”
Three days and two nights for celebrating alternate history in the near, middle & far east…. Featuring special guests: Cherie Priest, Boilerplate creators Paul Guinan & Anina Bennet, Imperial Steampunk artist James Ng, The Ball of the Brass Dragon, The Fantastical Museum of Curiosities, four programming tracks, and much more.

Steampunk Industrial Revolution
March 25-27, Nashua, NH
“Revolutionizing the way we steampunk”
Steampunk Industrial Revolution aims to bring together fans of steampunk from throughout New England in camaraderie. From maker to literary scholar, cosplayer to cabaret band, there is a place for everyone. Brought to you by The Wandering Legion of the Thomas Tew and staff from the well-known New England event Another Anime Convention. Special guests include maker Jake von Slatt and musical guests This Way to the Egress and Platform One.

Anomaly Con
March 26-27, Denver, CO
A two-day trip to the past, hosted at the historic Tivoli, one of the first buildings built in Denver in 1866. Featuring music from The Symphonic Anime Orchestra and The Calliope of the Future and special guests include authors Sarah A. Hoyt, Michelle Black, and Terry Kroenung.

April 9-10, Avondale Estates, Atlanta, GA
Sponsored by The Academy Theater. A weekend of entertainment with music, Thimblerig Circus, and high tea. They’ll also be featuring workshops, puppetry adventures from Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, airship wars, and a costume contest/fashion show.

Oklahoma Steampunk Expo
April 15-17, Oklahoma City, OK
The Sooner State’s premiere steampunk convention. Special guests include musical performers Unwoman, Psyche Corporation, and The Clockwork Dolls, and authors Cherie Priest and G.D. Falksen.

Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition
April 29-May 1, Markham, Toronto
Join us April 29 to May 1, 2011 in Toronto to help STEAMPUNK CANADA celebrate nothing but the very finest in steampunk culture, music, performance and craft! Featuring special guests include musicians Professor Elemental, Veronique Chevalier, and Psyche Corporation, authors Maureen Jennings and Adrienne Kress, Prof. Archibald Floss & Miss Charlotte Tann’s “Mental Floss” sideshow and much more.

International Steampunk City
May 6-8, Waltham, MA
“Steampunks of the Globe, We Seek You!”
The Charles River Museum of Industry, in conjunction with Jeff Mach, is offering you something hitherto unknown in the history of our humble movement: A steampunk weekend spanning an entire town. Enjoy special events all throughout the town, dine in restaurants offering specials to all chrono-adventurers, watch steampunk films at the local cinema, see steampunk theatre, explore amusement everywhere. Unlike an ordinary event, many of our attractions are free or available for a suggested donation.

Gaslight Gathering
May 6-8, San Diego, CA
“Southern California’s First Dedicated Steampunk and Victoriana Convention”
Featuring a Time Traveler’s Masked Ball, The Adventure’s Club Steampunk Tea and Fashion Show, and special guests authors Kim Newman and Dru Pagliassotti, Nick Baumann of the League of S.T.E.A.M., and musical guests Steam Powered Giraffe, Vernian Process, and Jon Magnificent.

Victoria Steam Exposition
May 22-23, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
“Being a Celebration of Steampunk Art & Culture”
Being a celebration and exhibition of steampunk art & culture in Victoria, British Columbia. Guest of Honor Cherie Priest, musical guest Unwoman, and film guest Ryan Copple of RIESE.

Steampunk World’s Fair
May 20-22, Piscataway, NJ
The Steampunk World’s Fair became famous by offering more Steampunk performances, shows, and events than any other gathering. Because we created World’s Fair with one idea in mind: To have more entertainment and fun, with more variety of steampunk flavor than anywhere else. Our Fair is constantly evolving, growing, and changing.

Marcon 46 (Steampunk theme)
May 27-29, Columbus, OH
“Alternative Histories Like You’ve Never Seen”
Marcon (Multiple Alternative Realities Convention), the Midwest’s premiere Fantasy & Science Fiction Convention, is the most fun you can have in a year, packed into a single weekend. Over the years Marcon has had the honor of bringing its attendees over 300 guests from authors, editors, actors, producers, F/X experts, artists, costumers, anime, comics, and so many more.

May 27-19th, Madison, WI
The crew which brought you Wisconsin’s first tri-fandom convention (anime/steampunk/furry) is back again this year, and we have made a lot of friends which are willing to help us make this convention even better than ever, with fans coming from all over the United States, Illinois, Minneapolis, Michigan, even a few from Florida and California.

San Diego Comic Con
July 21-24, San Diego, CA
Comic-Con International: San Diego (Comic-Con), the largest convention of its kind in the world, is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to creating awareness of, and appreciation for, comics and related popular artforms, primarily through the presentation of conventions and events that celebrate the historic and ongoing contribution of comics to art and culture.

World Steam Expo
May 27-30, Deerborn, MI
“120 Years in the Making”
In 2010, we brought you a show 120 years in the making, and we gave you one of the largest steampunk experiences in the world. We are proud to return again in 2011 to bring you an even greater show and invite you to join us for The Great Exhibition! From the Masquerade Ball to our Mad Science Fair, this is a show unlike any other and we look forward to meeting you, and your expectations.

Sept 2-5, Atlanta, GA
Dragon*Con is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe!

Sept 9-11, Lincoln, UK
“The Biggest Steampunk Festival in Europe”
The Asylum is organized and run by the Victorian Steampunk Society which is a not-for-profit organization which  exists to promote the Steampunk Community in the U.K. People attending are granted associate membership of the VSS so the event is in effect a series of private functions but the colorful nature of Steampunk means we also make quite an impression on the City. Featured guest include musical bands Sunday Driver and The Men.

The Great New England Steampunk Exhibition
Sept 16-18, Fitchburg, MA
Several of us had been complaining that there was no major Steampunk convention in New England. As you might expect, someone eventually said, “Why don’t you stop complaining and do it yourself.” The rest, as they say, is history. Featuredguests include Jake von Slatt, Abney Park, and Phil and Kaja Foglio.

Steamcon III
Oct 14-16, Seattle, WA
The first convention dedicated to steampunk in the U.S. Greetings chrononauts, aviators, tinkerers, scientists and steampunk enthusiasts! We at Steamcon Central are toiling tirelessly to bring you an even more spectacular convention than our first quite successful Steamcon last October.

Nov 18-20, Madison, WI
“20,000 Leagues Beneath the Aether”
The first steampunk immersion con. Our trip will begin onboard the HMS Trident, the newest underwater vehicle built by the Bobbins Dirigible and Balloon Corporation. A virtual submersible that will transport you, the attendees, across the globe with a stop in Egypt and then a diplomatic mission to a new underwater city. We will finish our underwater voyage by arriving in the exotic city of Peking in China. Featured guests include authors Gail Carriger and George Mann.

EmeraldCity Steampunk Expo
Nov 4-6, Wichita, Kansas
A full weekend of panels, vendors, performers, demonstrations, poker tournament, evening dance, and other events.

Ay-leen the Peacemaker is the founding editor of the multicultural steampunk blog Beyond Victoriana. This year, a significant chunk of her vacation time is being spent at many of these cons.

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