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Neil Gaiman’s Next Novel Will Be a Sequel to Neverwhere


Neil Gaiman’s Next Novel Will Be a Sequel to Neverwhere

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Neil Gaiman’s Next Novel Will Be a Sequel to Neverwhere


Published on February 17, 2017


Now that Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology has hit shelves, the author has announced his next upcoming work–the long-awaited sequel to Neverwhere, titled The Seven Sisters.

Gaiman had already planned to write a sequel to Neverwhere, and the FAQ on his website had given the title of the sequel out some time ago. An event at London’s Southbank Centre this week ended with an announcement from Gaiman confirming that he had written the first three chapters, and that The Seven Sisters would be his next book.

The title of the book comes form an area of north London where seven elm trees are planted in a circle, denoting possible pagan worship at the site, stretching back to Roman times. There are legends and myths attached to the area that make it a perfect setting or launch point for a Neverwhere story.

According to Gaiman, his work with the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) and the changes in the world over the past 20 years are what prompted a focus on the sequel. He told the audience:

“When Lenny Henry and I came up with the original idea for Neverwhere almost 25 years ago, what attracted us was the idea that we could talk about the homeless, talk about the dispossessed, talk about the people who fall through the cracks, and do it in a way that was exciting and fun and interesting and also relevant and might change people’s heads.”

Having worked with the UNHCR and seen how London had taken on the changes of the past twenty years, Gaiman was eager to tackle the issues on a stage that he had been waiting to return to–The Seven Sisters looks to be a timely reflection on matters that Gaiman cares deeply about.

[Via The Guardian]

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