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Play Along With Twelfth Knight: An Arthurian One-Shot TTRPG


Play Along With <i>Twelfth Knight</i>: An Arthurian One-Shot TTRPG

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Play Along With Twelfth Knight: An Arthurian One-Shot TTRPG

An enthralling adventure built on the Arthurian lore that inspired Alexene Farol Follmuth's new novel

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Published on May 23, 2024

Cover of Twelfth Knight by Alexene Farol Follmuth

While the book Twelfth Knight is primarily a coming-of-age story about a teenage girl, Vi Reyes, and her antagonistic relationship with Jack Orsino, the All-American running back whose constant presence in Vi’s life is the bane of her existence (and vice versa), it is also a love letter to fandom and gaming. The book features many homages to tabletop roleplay games like Dungeons & Dragons, MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, and fantasy media like Game of Thrones. While my main concern as the author was to focus on the interior lives of Vi and Jack, their grumpy/sunshine energy (or, if you prefer, golden retriever/black cat), and an exploration of who is “allowed” to be angry, it is also an ode to the trials and triumphs of nerd culture. As such, I would be remiss if I did not also celebrate the specific aspects of gaming that are so central to Vi’s life, and the world into which she and Jack are able to escape throughout the book. 

The premise of Twelfth Knight (the book) invokes the mistaken identity central to Shakespeare’s comedy Twelfth Night (the play) by digital means—Vi, who has suffered gendered online abuse from fandom and gaming communities, chooses to play Twelfth Knight (the game) as a masculine character named Cesario. Within the MMORPG, she meets Jack Orsino’s alter ego, the Duke, who is recovering from an unexpected injury. As you might guess, the long nights of gaming lead to friendship (and more…?) IRL. But central to their relationship is the game itself, which is built on Arthurian lore. 

I am delighted to bring you, via my gaming consultant Krishna Farol-Schenck, three RPG one-shots, either to play as an extended campaign or to try out for the first time, with classes and stats that link to corresponding DnD supplements. You may use these if you like, or make things up as you go—the quest is yours, should you choose to accept it.

May you find the treasure you seek!

—Alexene, author of Twelfth Knight

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Twelfth Knight
Twelfth Knight

Twelfth Knight

Alexene Farol Follmuth

A Letter to the Game Master

It is my honor to bestow upon you the enthralling adventure you are about to embark on with your players. 

There are three Arthurian realms we will touch on: Galles, Corbenic, and Camlann. Each realm is designed with increasing difficulty, where the highest player level could be 5 or 6. You may use these as separate one-shot campaigns, or a three act campaign that will span a more comprehensive adventure.

Within each realm are certain plot points I’d like for you to hit in the game—sort of a beginning, middle, and end. Sessions should be approximately 2-3 hours at the very least… But the story is yours, so perhaps I shouldn’t give you a time limit!

In addition, I’ve included relics that players can get (with links!). Players can use classes and races within the D&D Player’s Handbook for ease of access, and I have included suggested classes to mirror the ones noted in The Camelot Quest. 

Good luck on your journey, and I hope you have fun doing it!

Sincerely yours,

—The Architect


Embark on the noblest of hero’s tales, where the legend of King Arthur comes to life. In this one-shot game, players are thrown into realms found in the MMORPG sensation that’s swept millions of gamers into its wake: The Camelot Quest through the world of Twelfth Knight. 

Players are summoned to the mystical lands of Camelot and beyond, tasked with an epic quest to recover the 11 lost artifacts of Arthurian lore. Each artifact is imbued with powerful magic that has since been lost due to the downfall of the great King Arthur. As the realms fall gradually into disrepair, the sinister Black Knight is on the hunt for those drawn to wield the items’ power.

The journey to resurrect the King, defeat the Black Knight, and take your place at the round table starts here. 


This game mirrors the central quest in the canon MMORPG Twelfth Knight—The Camelot Quest. Within Twelfth Knight’s lore, King Arthur has died, and, according to myth, was taken to Avalon, magically preserved to return at some future time. Fulfilling the Camelot Quest requires winning a relic from each of the 11 realms, with Avalon and Excalibur being the final realm and final relic respectively. Once all relics have been collected, the players must then defeat the Black Knight to resurrect King Arthur, fulfilling the quest to take their rightful place at the round table.



The bustling central marketplace of the world of Twelfth Knight. Here, among the various pubs, blacksmith stalls, tanneries, butcheries, masonries, bakeries, merchant goods, and farm provisions, visitors may trade for necessary items such as weaponry, food, and supplies, or they may gather to seek shelter or repairs and to share information and secure alliances. The castle from which Arthur and his court once ruled provides an indomitable shadow to the bustling city center, and is also a constant reminder: all is not well in the Arthurian realms.


The realm of Galles is a wild forest, thick with trees and the solemn potency of magic. A network of woodlands, the canopy of Galles is thick and the forest floor is dark, with sun that only periodically breaks through to enlighten the path. Silver birch laces the sky, along with spindly oak and sky-sweeping alder. Tread carefully here, where enchantresses lay traps aplenty and ancient magic only dozes, never sleeps.

Castle Corbenic

Corbenic, otherwise known as the Grail Castle, houses the Holy Grail, one of Arthuriana’s most potent artifacts. An enchanted stone castle resembling the Celtic Otherworld, Corbenic is invisible to most and its location is frequently changing. The castle, with its stone battlements and decorative towers not unlike King Arthur’s castle at Camelot, hosts a palace of marvels within. Its interior is filled with unexplained oddities, like a cauldron that boils without fire and torches that always stay lit. For those who seek the Grail, the castle can be found on the coast and accessed by sea—though its gate is said to be guarded by a pair of lions and, at times, a flaming hand.


The place where King Arthur fell in battle, Camlann sits on a high bluff overlooking the valley below. A highly defensible location, it stands guard along an earthen rampart, a shoulder of green earth that runs as far as the eye can see. Mythology suggests the river at the base of the valley, visible from the place where Arthur fell, may lead to Avalon, the resting place of the Once and Future King. 


Players are collecting different relics to bring back King Arthur from the dead. All of these levels/realms end with obtaining a relic.

Easy (Level 1-2) The Quest to Retrieve the Ring of Dispell

Set in the Galles realm

Goal: Find the Ring of Dispell

You have been compelled to a quest of utmost importance: finding the Ring of Dispell, a lost artifact of immense power said to reveal truths and provide guidance to the beholder. This was gifted to Lancelot by the Lady of the Lake, but it has since been stolen by a wizard just outside of Camelot. Finding this relic will prove to be of great advantage as you pass through the realms.

  • Task bestowed by the Wizard: Bring the tusk of Ysgithyrwyn, one of the boars that was hunted by Arthur.
  • The Wizard needs its tusk for unknown reasons, but rumor has it that he holds the Ring of Dispell. 
  • There’s a reason why no one has come back from this quest: the cave where Ysgithyrwyn resides is rumored to be in is a maze of dead ends with the bones of ambitious adventurers scattered throughout 
  • Stats for Ysgithyrwyn the boar
  • Ring of Dispell is essentially the dispel magic spell OR  Zone of Truth’s charisma checkremember how I said homebrewing is great?
  • Once players give the tusk to the Wizard, they get the Ring of Dispell. The session ends here, but if the GM chooses to go to the Corbenic realm, the Ring can come with them.

Medium (Level 3-4) The Quest to the Holy Grail

Set in the Corbenic realm

Goal: Obtain the Holy Grail that has been hidden at the Castle Corbenic

You have heard about the Holy Grail and its mysterious wonders. It is the most coveted artifact in all of Camelot and beyond. The Castle Corbenic has sat in ruins for ages, and rumor has it the Holy Grail lives within its walls. 

  • As players explore, they find knights have been guarding the Grail
  • Players must defeat the temple knights to get to the Grail
  • What players find is not a Grail, but a staff with a precious stone (a Staff of Healing).
  • Stats for the Knights
  • Once the players retrieve the staff, the session ends here. If GM chooses to go to the Camlann realm, the staff can come with them

Hard (Level 5-6) The Final Battle at Camlann

Set in the Camlann realm

Goal: Fight against resurrected Mordredus, enemy of King Arthur, and his allies to get to Avalon.

Whispers of King Arthur and his Knights have woven themselves throughout your quest, telling epic tales of magic and heroism. However, a new quest beckons to the mist-shrouded realm of Camlann. A sword, rumored to be wielded by none other than Sir Galahad himself, is hidden here. However, rumors also say that King Arthur’s greatest enemies are also looking for this sword: Mordredus, a knight as formidable as he is ruthless, and Morgan le Fay, a sorceress whose power and cunning knows no bounds.

  • Pretty easy—kill enemies! Have as many as you feel would be fair to your players
  • Main villains: Mordredus and Morgan le Fay (or Morgana)
  • Once all enemies are defeated, players acquire Galahad’s Red Sword
  • Stats of Sun Blade can be used for the Red Sword
  • The gameplay ends. This session will not include anything that will happen in the next realm of Avalon.


These classes are pulled from DnD Beyond, a handy dandy online resource readily available for players to refer to class and race building, as well as spells for spellcasters. I’ve linked them below for reference. I’ve added suggestions for classes, but you do not have to adhere to them… Homebrews are highly encouraged (because they’re so much FUN!)

Sorcerer: self-explanatory

Barbarian: also self-explanatory

Enchantress: Wizard

Arthurian Knight (Paladin): Fighter, Paladin, or Monk

Assassin for the Black Knight: Rogue, Ranger, or Bloodhunter


The Great Wizard

Suggested stats. Try and start your build here.

This wizard’s name is as shrouded in mystery as he is. An outcast to Camelot, the Wizard has built a small hut on the outskirts of town where people secretly come to him for illegal tonics, potions, and spells. He does not care what it is for so long as you can pay what he needs or–even better–give him rare and magical items. He may talk to himself a little too much, and he may have too many books squished into his tiny living space, but he is still a brilliant scholar of magic.


Suggested stats. Try and start your build here.

The handsome type with sinister intentions. He was instrumental in the downfall of Arthur.

Morgan le Fay

Suggested stats. Try and start your build here.

If you are in her presence, you may feel overwhelmed with thoughts to maim and harm anyone who crosses your path. She was also instrumental in the downfall of Arthur. 

Other NPCs & Worldbuilding

There is no sign on this stall… But what you can see is beautifully crafted everyday wear: tunics, satchels, etc. Owned by Horfan, a reclusive tiefling who gives off “tortured artist” vibes, but he is really just trying to lay low and avoid the stares of those who will undoubtedly sneer at the sight of him. He loves his craft, but very rarely do people come into his stall.

Beramor’s Brews: The only tavern in town with the finest selection of beers on tap that you can find in Camelot. Owned by Beramor, a half-orc with kind eyes and a wicked smile. Quite the charmer, Beramor is known as the nicest fella in town.

The Calm Kettle: A sweet little tea shoppe owned by Liya, a soft-spoken gnome, and Bellarion, her outgoing husband who was once part of a very famous musical troupe called The Bugbear Boys.

Adder’s Tongue Potion Shoppe: Run of the mill potion shop with a cool name. However, the name of the witch who runs this shop is unknown, and very rarely does she ever make an appearance. A floating spectral hand handles all the transactions, while a VERY large boa constrictor slithers around shelves.

General Goods: A general goods store where you can find food, supplies, etc. Owned by the Flogan family, The Flogan’s were nobles who fled their town for safety within Camelot… One has to wonder if “Flogan” is their actual family name…

Ironclad Metalworks: Run by Lynet and Lunor, dwarf sisters who run this blacksmith like a well oil machine. Do not get on their bad side (because of course they can make the best weapons to make you beg for forgiveness).

There can be a library, leatherworker, jeweler, and other guilds you can craft into your own Camelot!

About the Author

Alexene Farol Follmuth


Alexene Farol Follmuth is the author of the young adult rom-coms Twelfth Knight and My Mechanical Romance. As Olivie Blake, she is the New York Times bestselling author of The Atlas Six, Alone with You in the Ether, One for My Enemy, and Masters of Death. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, goblin prince/toddler, and rescue pit bull.
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About the Author

Krishna Farol-Schenck


Krishna Farol-Schenck (they/she) is a social media marketing maven by day, and a very tired millennial parent by night. They were introduced to the mystical world of tabletop gaming, specifically Dungeons & Dragons, just mere days after graduating college with a group of friends who have been going on adventures ever since (shoutout to the Low Rollers). Storytelling in the form of tabletop RPG gaming has rekindled a long lost love of creating worlds for folks to enjoy. Krish resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with their partner, a rambunctious toddler, and a menagerie of pets. Follow them here: and @farol_cat.
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