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Revealing Carl’s Doomsday Scenario and The Dungeon Anarchist’s Cookbook by Matt Dinniman


Revealing <i>Carl&#8217;s Doomsday Scenario</i> and <i>The Dungeon Anarchist’s Cookbook</i> by Matt Dinniman

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Books cover reveal

Revealing Carl’s Doomsday Scenario and The Dungeon Anarchist’s Cookbook by Matt Dinniman

Two new print editions from the Dungeon Crawler Carl series


Published on July 2, 2024

Cover reveal for Matt Dinniman's Carl's Doomsday Scenario and The Dungeon Anarchist's Cookbook

We’re thrilled to share the covers of new print editions of Carl’s Doomsday Scenario and The Dungeon Anarchist’s Cookbook—part of Matt Dinniman’s Dungeon Crawler Carl series.

Carl’s Doomsday Scenario publishes September 24th, with The Dungeon Anarchist’s Cookbook following on October 22nd—both books contain bonus material, and will be available from Ace, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Read an excerpt from the first book in the series.

“Greetings, Crawlers! The training levels have concluded. Now the games may truly begin.”

The aliens have come, and they’ve transformed Earth into a multi-level, video-game-like dungeon. It’s the newest season of the galaxy’s most-watched gameshow, Dungeon Crawler World. Now on the third floor, Carl and Donut have to fight harder than ever. They’ve already proven that a Coast Guard vet and once-and-forever feline royalty are an almost unstoppable team. Their ratings are off the chart. The watchers can’t get enough. But the dungeon gets more dangerous each day, and now there’s a whole new problem to deal with. Quests.

They call it the Over City. A sprawling, once-thriving metropolis devastated by a mysterious calamity. But these streets are far from abandoned. An undead circus trawls the ruins. Murdered women rain from the sky. An ancient spell is finally ready to reveal its dark purpose. Can Carl and Donut solve the mystery in time?

And can Carl finally find some pants?

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Carl’s Doomsday Scenario

Matt Dinniman

Book 2 in the Dungeon Crawler Carl series

Earth has been transformed into the set of the galaxy’s most-watched game show: Dungeon Crawler World, a nightmarish, multilevel video-game-like dungeon filled with traps, monsters, and mind-bending puzzles. Carl and Donut have survived so far, but this fourth level is unlike anything they could imagine. The Iron Tangle: an impossibly complicated subway system tied together into a knot of trains of all kinds, from classic steam engines to sleek modern cars. Up is down. Down is up. Close is far. The cars are filled with monsters, the railway stations aren’t always what they seem, and the exit is perpetually just a few stops away.

The top ten list is populated, and Carl and Donut have made it. But that popularity comes with a price. They each now have a bounty on their head. They have to work with other crawlers to solve the puzzle of the floor, but how can they do that when they don’t know who to trust? The secret to unraveling it all may be hidden in the pages of a seemingly-useless book.

Welcome, Crawlers. Welcome to the fourth floor of the dungeon.

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The Dungeon Anarchist’s Cookbook

Matt Dinniman

Book 3 in the Dungeon Crawler Carl series

Matt Dinniman is a writer, artist, and musician (well, he’s a bass player) from Gig Harbor, WA. He is the author of several books, including the bestselling Dungeon Crawler Carl series.

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