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Robert Jordan’s Never-Before-Seen First Novel is Coming From Tor Books in 2019


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Robert Jordan’s Never-Before-Seen First Novel is Coming From Tor Books in 2019


Published on January 18, 2019

Warrior of Altaii Robert Jordan

Tor Books is honored to announce the forthcoming publication of Warrior of the Altaii, the never-before-seen first novel by epic fantasy titan Robert Jordan.

Warrior of the Altaii is a fascinating formative work by The Wheel of Time creator, offering an abundance of the epic themes that Jordan would continue to develop in The Wheel of Time itself. A standalone fantasy story told with implacable momentum, readers new to Robert Jordan will find Warrior of the Altaii an easy gateway to the author’s artistry.

Tor Books Chairman and Founder Tom Doherty reveals the enduring journey of the manuscript itself:

When I first acquired Warrior of the Altaii, back in early ’79, I was still publisher of Ace. I knew we had a Storyteller. I thought for a first novel this is great, but Harriet had acquired Fallon Blood from him as his publisher. Ace distributed Fallon Blood first in 1980; it was a hit. Fallon Blood was a novel of the American Revolution in the south, and the country was then celebrating its bicentennial. By then I had left Ace; Harriet and Jim Baen came with me as I started Tor. Jim Rigney (Robert Jordan) came with Harriet. The Fallon Trilogy finished in ’81-82, then came the Conan novels, and, of course, the Wheel of Time. Warrior of the Altaii was the first (and now last) book I bought from Jim, and I am so pleased to publish it for his fans.

Fans of Robert Jordan’s work will immediately recognize the author’s evocative prose in Warrior of the Altaii, and experience anew Jordan’s full-voiced strength, carried on the wind of his words.

Harriet McDougal, Robert Jordan’s editor and wife, elaborates:

Warrior of the Altaii has been sold twice, but has never been published. Until now.

When I reread Warrior of the Altaii this winter, after this long intermission, I was amazed at the foreshadowing of The Wheel of Time. You will find many hints of what is to come. One of the most obvious is the name of the major mountain range – the Backbone of the World. In The Wheel of Time, it is the Spine of the World. I think you’ll have fun finding them as you read this brand new Robert Jordan – a fine wine that has reached its perfect maturity.

This fall, draw near and listen.


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