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Rocket Talk, Episode 1: The LEGO Movie


Rocket Talk, Episode 1: The LEGO Movie

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Rocket Talk, Episode 1: The LEGO Movie


Published on March 26, 2014


In this episode of Rocket Talk, Brad Beaulieu and Emmet Asher-Perrin join host Justin Landon to talk about The LEGO Movie! Is everything truly awesome in the film, as its theme would suggest?

There was no lack of fun had all around, and a lot to talk about. The trio delve into a several aspects of the film that demanded closer inspection, including:

  • How the film subverts the archetypical “Hero’s Journey,” in its leading man, Emmett
  • Whether or not the film does right by its female characters and its female audience
  • If the film’s worldview reveal toward the end was a satisfying one
  • Where The LEGO Movie falls in relation to other respected and well-received animated films for children

Of course, there will be spoilers for the plot of the film, so be warned! We hope you enjoy the episode!


Rocket Talk: Episode 1 – The LEGO Movie (39:14)

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Episode #1 – Lego Movie with Emmet Asher-Perrin and Bradley P. Beaulieu

Check back with us next Tuesday, April 1st at 10 AM EST for episode 2, where we’ll be discussing sci-fi/fantasy awards with Anne Perry and Jared Shurin of PornoKitsch!

Also! If you have an idea for an episode of Rocket Talk or would like to come on as a guest, reach out to Justin Landon at [email protected]. Obviously, we can’t accommodate everyone, but we’re always looking for new ideas and fresh perspectives.

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