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When one looks in the box, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the cat.


David Drake

Hope Amid Horrors: Redliners by David Drake

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Where To Start With the Work of David Drake

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Military Science Fiction Author David Drake, Passes Away at Age 78

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5 Spellbinding Military Fantasy Novels

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Artist's conception of a Jupiter-like rogue planet.

Five Plot-Friendly Ways to Isolate Planets and Space Colonies

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The Horrors of War: Hammer’s Slammers by David Drake

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Five Works of Cannon SF

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Five Hypothetical Reasons Aliens Would Bother Visiting Earth

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Five Spellbinding Military Fantasy Novels

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As the Computer Commands: The General, Book 1: The Forge by David Drake and S. M. Stirling

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Five Doomed Armies in Science Fiction

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Five Revenge Tales Featuring Treacherous Bosses and Evil Overlords

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