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No End to the Universe: The Outsider by Stephen King


Screenshot from Blade Runner

Crack the Case With 5 SFF Detectives

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No End to the Universe: The Outsider by Stephen King

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Five Mystery Series with Awesome Detectives

Rereading the Vorkosigan Saga Memory

Rereading the Vorkosigan Saga: Memory, Chapter 26

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Dirk Gently, Sherlock, and the Power of Consequences

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Five Books About Sleuths

Steve Aylett Beerlight series

No Sleep ’til Beerlight: The Brilliant and Bizarre Science Fiction of Steve Aylett

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10 Supernatural Detectives That We Love to Drag Into Trouble

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Too Human: The Kind Folk by Ramsey Campbell

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Endgame: Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell by Paul Kane

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Suicide Song: End of Watch by Stephen King

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Monkeys Drinking Margaritas: Revealing Poison City by Paul Crilley

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