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Resurrect Your Whimsy: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

fantasy movies

Will Your Favorite D&D Creatures Show Up in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves?

Resurrect Your Whimsy: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Comment number: 38

Oooh, A Sparkly: The Secret of NIMH

Comment number: 14

“Bonjour, Je Veux Mon Livre”: Hocus Pocus

Comment number: 14

Meandering with a Mazy Motion: Xanadu

Comment number: 32

We Are the Weirdos, Mister: The Craft

A Love Letter to Ray Harryhausen: Clash of the Titans

Comment number: 47

“I Was a Schmuck! And Now, I’m Not a Schmuck!”: Scrooged

Comment number: 22

Go On Home and Stop Smoking Scrolls: The Golden Child

Comment number: 25
Red Sonja movie poster nostalgia rewatch

Meaningful Ladies in My Fiction: Red Sonja

Comment number: 27

Just Your Average Disney Gothic YA Alien Ghost Mystery Thriller Thing: The Watcher in the Woods

Comment number: 15

How Netflix and Ridley Scott Conspired To Ruin My Childhood, Sort Of: Legend

Comment number: 55