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Five SFF Mysteries That I Couldn’t Put Down

Jim Butcher

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Five SFF Mysteries That I Couldn’t Put Down

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Read an Excerpt From Jim Butcher’s The Olympian Affair

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The Joy and Despair of Seeing Your City in an SFF Novel

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A Taxonomy of Werewolves: Jim Butcher’s Fool Moon

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5 Books That Get Demon Summoning Right

Five SFF Stories That Shed Light on Obscure History

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Jim Butcher, Jim Butcher’s Cat, and James Marsters Talk 20 Years of The Dresden Files!

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Jim Butcher Releases Trailer for Next Dresden Files Novel: Battle Ground

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book cover: Battle Ground

Read the First Two Chapters From Battle Ground, Jim Butcher’s New Dresden Files Book

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Covers for Dresden Files books, Storm Front and Battle Ground by Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher Talks 20 Years of Harry Dresden

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Jim Butcher Battle Ground cover reveal

Here’s the Cover for Jim Butcher’s New Dresden Files Novel Battle Ground

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The Dresden Files: Peace Talks and Battle Grounds trailer

More Details From Jim Butcher and Priscilla Spencer on The Dresden Files Short Film and Surprise Book Announcement

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