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This Harry Potter Crossover Fic Will Destroy You (In A Good Way)


The Best Nona the Ninth Fan Theories

This Harry Potter Crossover Fic Will Destroy You (In A Good Way)

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Jareth, Labyrinth, David Bowie

At Labyrinth Screening 30 Years Ago, David Bowie Helps a Little Boy With His “Invisible Mask”

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How to Actually Make a Sword “Forged From the Blood of Your Enemies”

Comment number: 44
Anakin Skywalker, Clone Wars

Never Forget: Anakin Skywalker is Furious at His Grandson

Star Wars Test Posts Twitter

Star Wars + Tumblr Text Posts Have Made Us All Useless With Laughter

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Sad Voldemort

Resist Voldemort With the “Benedict Cumberbatch Name Game”

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Children of the Corn

Your Movie Set Isn’t Haunted — The Local Teens Are Messing With You

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Tumblr ganondilf, Jurassic Park and Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros Always Predicts the Next Jurassic Park Movie

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How Supergirl’s Alex Danvers Made a Queer Teen Realize She’s Not Alone

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Star Trek First Contact, Dixon Hill, Picard, Lily

The Answer to Why Humans Are So Central in Star Trek

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Game of Thrones, Westeros map

Make a Perfect Fantasy World Map With Macaroni!

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