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Watch the First Trailer for Gillian Flynn’s Utopia Remake


Emma’s Story Expands in Episode Five of The Changeling

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SFF Reading Recommendations for the Characters of Good Omens

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Five Television Intros You Just Can’t Skip

Queer Slice-of-Life Episodes of SFF Television

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image from Kindred television trailer

Kindred Adaptation Falls Short of Octavia Butler’s Original Novel

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John Wick Director on Board to Adapt Black Samurai Books Into Netflix Series

Peter Capaldi Is Time Traveling Again (Maybe?) in Trailer for The Devil’s Hour

Stranger Things 4, Vol. 2 Trailer Shows Explosions, An Angry Vecna, and Terrified Kids

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Severance, Severance, and the Importance of Honest Corporate Sci-Fi

Reality Competition Shows With Big SFF Energy

Six Bizarro Made-for-TV SFF Movies That Actually Exist

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The Queer Joy of Our Flag Means Death

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