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Trailer for Jim Henson Idea Man Documentary Gets Emotional


Trailer for <i>Jim Henson Idea Man</i> Documentary Gets Emotional

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Trailer for Jim Henson Idea Man Documentary Gets Emotional

The documentary takes a look at Henson's life and legacy as the man behind The Muppets


Published on April 24, 2024

Jim Henson and fellow puppeteers holding Muppets aloft

There’s a new documentary on Jim Henson set to start streaming on Disney+ in the near future, and the Ron Howard production has just released its first trailer. In it, we see a lot of footage from Henson’s early years as well as several of his colleagues talking about his boundless imagination.

Here’s the official synopsis for the documentary, which is called Jim Henson Idea Man:

Jim Henson Idea Man takes us into the mind of this singular creative visionary, from his early years puppeteering on local television to the worldwide success of Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, and beyond. Featuring unprecedented access to Jim’s personal archives, Howard brings us a fascinating and insightful look at a complex man whose boundless imagination inspired the world.

The trailer is a moving one for anyone who has seen and loved one of his creations, whether that be Kermit the Frog or any of the Muppets, the movie Labyrinth, or The Dark Crystal, just to name a few. The project’s access to Henson’s personal files is hinted at in the trailer as well, with images of a young Henson that few have seen before. The trailer also suggests that the documentary will touch on how things changed when Henson’s popularity grew, though it’s not clear how much time will be spent on that versus celebrating his creative mind.

We’ll know for sure when Jim Henson Idea Man starts streaming on Disney+ on May 31, 2024.

Check out the trailer below. icon-paragraph-end

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