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With Ulysse, Antonin Baudry Takes Homer to Space


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With Ulysse, Antonin Baudry Takes Homer to Space


Published on September 15, 2022

Screenshot: Warner Bros.
Screenshot: Warner Bros.

No, “takes Homer to space” isn’t a Simpsons joke. (Not this time, anyway.) Director Antonin Baudry (The Wolf’s Call), along with Axelle Boucaï (The Mustang) and Alain Goldman (La Vie en Rose), is developing a series adaptation of The Iliad and The Odyssey—in space.

It takes a mighty journey to bring the great classics to the screen, though, and Baudry is not the first to try.

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Nona the Ninth
Nona the Ninth

Nona the Ninth

According to Variety, this new series, called Ulysse, “will follow the fantasy-filled adventures of Ulysse through the 10-year Trojan Wars and beyond.” Baudry is writing the adaptation, and according to producer Boucaï, it was Baudry’s idea to send Ulysse and all his mythological friends and enemies to “space and in the future.”

One can only hope that this attempt to sling Homer into the stars is more successful than those that have come before. In 2014, Warner Bros. was working on a space-set Oydssey with writer James DiLapo. Even before that, The Guardian reported in 2008 that none other than George Miller was going to direct Brad Pitt in a space Oydssey. Pitt had (somewhat) recently gotten his toga on for Troy, above, but the space togas did not come to fruition.

But this one is different, and not just because none of those were to be produced in France. Trying to mash together both The Iliad and The Odyssey is ambitious; adding spaceships and distant planets even more so. Space sirens? Space gorgons? Space wars! Let’s hope it’s as epic as possible.


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