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Watch the First Trailer for Wonder Woman!


Watch the First Trailer for Wonder Woman!

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Watch the First Trailer for Wonder Woman!


Published on July 23, 2016

Wonder Woman trailer

The first trailer for Wonder Woman looks appropriately badass, with Gal Gadot lassoing soldiers in the trenches and hiding her sword in killer gowns when facing down baddies. Plus, more than a few jokes about her parentage via Zeus and inspiring secretaries to do more than just follow men around. Watch it now!

In the trailer, Diana seems surprised when Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), a man, washes up on the shore of Themyscira. But according to director Patty Jenkins, the choice to have Steve be Diana’s companion (not a sidekick) was a deliberate one. From’s liveblog:

Patty Jenkins says she didn’t want a sidekick for Wonder Woman. She wanted someone powerful by Wonder Woman’s side. She calls Chris Pine, “A great human being and one of the greatest actors I’ve ever worked with.”

He begins to find hope again when he meets Diana.

Pine says that Trevor lives in the heart of darkness of men and has been surrounded by the darkest parts of humanity.

And Gal Gadot struck her favorite Wonder Woman pose! (via @Borys_Kit)

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman pose SDCC 2016

Wonder Woman comes to theaters June 2, 2017.

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