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Book cover of Calypso by Oliver K Langmead

Read an Excerpt From Oliver K. Langmead’s Calypso

Rochelle wakes from cryostasis to take up her role as engineer on the colony ark, Calypso...

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Cover of Saevus Corax Gets Away With Murder, showing a brown helmet against a grey-white background

One Last Time, Saevus Corax Gets Away With Murder

A review of the third book in the Saevus Corax trilogy.

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Photograph of an open book with several daisies resting along the spine.

10 Works of Eco-Fiction Worth Celebrating

Eco-fiction has been with us for decades—here are ten examples that are as impactful as they are...

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Cover of The Silverblood Promise, showing a cityscape with a crowd gathered in front of a large building, with two figures observing from a roof, one of them holding a crossbow

Read an Excerpt From James Logan’s The Silverblood Promise

An epic fantasy debut set in a city of traders and thieves, monsters and murderers.

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Book cover of Christopher Pike's Bury Me Deep

Fatal Fun in the Sun: Bury Me Deep and Spring Break 

Everyone needs to back away from the SCUBA gear.

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Book covers of five "fix-up" science fiction novels

Five Superb SFF Fix-Up Novels 

Fix-up novels can sometimes feel a little clunky...but sometimes they succeed beyond all measure...

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Gods and Monsters, Men and Wolves: Announcing The Red Winter by Cameron Sullivan

A sweeping historical epic that seamlessly blends fantasy with folktale.

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Cover of Fledgling by S.K. Ali, showing a person wearing a red hood and cape over grey clothes, against a black, red and purple background also showing two grey birds.

Read an Excerpt From S.K. Ali’s Fledgling

The start of a new dystopian duology by S.K. Ali, set in a fractured world on the brink of eithe...

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Book cover of Last Exit by Max Gladstone

The Kiddie Pool of Forever: Max Gladstone’s Last Exit (Part 18)

Welcome back to Reading the Weird, in which we get girl cooties all over weird fiction, cosmic h...

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Illustration from The Frog Prince, artist unknown. The Frog hands the Princess her golden ball which he has retrieved from the well.

The Hoppiest Ending of All: Retelling “The Frog Prince”

Five froggy tales filled with transformations, occasional romance, and royals behaving badly...

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