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Photo of a row of brightly colored beach houses

Five SFF Stories About Houses With Minds of Their Own

In each of these speculative stories, houses have their own personalities, loyalties, and secret...

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Book covers of 4 titles on Jo Walton's reading list for May 2024

Jo Walton’s Reading List: May 2024

This month's reading list covers everything from underrated fantasy to the French Revolution!

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Illustration of Thor fighting the Midgard Serpent during Ragnarok

Five Legendary Warriors of Northern Myth, Epic, and Saga

When it comes to epic feats on the battlefield, these warriors, valkyries, and shield-maidens we...

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Cover of The Spellshop by Sarah Beth Durst, showing stone steps leading up to a sunlit cottage surrounded by trees and flowers. A winged cat lies on the steps.

“It Tastes Like a Memory” — Read an Excerpt From Sarah Beth Durst’s The Spellshop

It takes a village to open a heart... and just one man to steal it.

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Devil and the Deep cover: sea serpent coils emerging from a sea lit by an enormous rising moon.

We’re All Mermaids in the End: Seanan McGuire’s “Sister, Dearest Sister, Let Me Show You To the Sea”

There will be fairy tales, Disney princesses wrestling with Andersen and Grim levels of bitter v...

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Collection of five book covers of shared universe short fiction anthologies

Five Classic SFF Works Set in a Shared Universe

A bunch of your favorite authors all playing in the same speculative sandbox... what's not to lo...

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Cover of In the Shadow of the Fall by Tobi Ogundiran, showing three people with glowing eyes wearing dresses, the center one standing in the prow of a boat. The sky is full of lightning and rain.

Read an Excerpt From Tobi Ogundiran’s In the Shadow of the Fall

A cosmic war reignites and the fate of the orisha lie in the hands of an untried acolyte.

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Cover of Circumpolar! by Richard A Lupoff

Flat-Out Fun: Circumpolar! by Richard A. Lupoff

A rollicking alternate history asks what would happen if Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh, and...

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Cover of Mouth by Puloma Ghosh, showing a picture of a mouth and a picture of a section of an orange or grapefruit.

An Evocative, Surreal Debut: Mouth by Puloma Ghosh

A review of Puloma Ghosh's new short story collection.

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