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Book cover of The Dark Descent horror anthology

The Rot Goes Deep: “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Edgar Allan Poe

A terrifying portrait of a nobleman driven insane by inbreeding, generational trauma, and his ow...

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Collection of book covers for 5 titles about the near-future

Backlist Bonanza: 5 Underrated Near-Futures

What might the world look like in a few decades? Here are 5 SF books that look to the near-futur...

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Cover of Fiasco, showing two people wearing sleek metallic outfits embracing against the background of a purple star.

Read an Excerpt From Constance Fay’s Fiasco

A wild romp amidst the stars that's equal parts steamy interstellar romance and sci-fi adventure...

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Cover of Where the Dark Stands Still by A.B. Poranek, showing two people dressed in rustic clothes, surrounded by tree limbs, some of which have eyes.

Where the Dark Stands Still by A.B. Poranek Stands Out

A review of A.B. Poranek's new YA fantasy novel.

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A mosaic of cover images of the five books mentioned in the article.

Looking for Classic SF by Women? Here Are Five Places to Start…

These collections and anthologies are invaluable resources, featuring otherwise hard-to-find sto...

The painting "Mermaid" (1906) by John Reinhard Weguelin, showing a mermaid resting on the sandy beach, just above the blue-green waves of a calm sea. Her tail is blue and curls toward the foreground as she faces left, her right arm outstretched as her left arm supports her. Her hair is fair or light brown, and bound at her neck, while she wears a garland over her ears and crown.

Twelve Mermaid Poems to Celebrate MerMay

Follow the siren song of shimmering scales and hidden depths in these twelve mermaid-inspired po...

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Cover of A House Like an Accordion, showing a golden keyhole against a blue background. A small golden bird is inside the keyhole; surrounding it are golden patterns of locks and keys.

Read an Excerpt From Audrey Burges’s A House Like an Accordion

A woman searches for her missing father in order to reconcile the many strange and fantastical s...

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Cover of Blood at the Root, showing a robed man standing in front of a tree. In front of him are five lit white candles and a book open to pages that show mysterious diagrams.

Unpacking Generational Trauma in Blood at the Root by LaDarrion Williams

A review of LaDarrion Williams's new young adult fantasy novel.

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Moonlit Terrors: Dark Moon and Bad Moonlight 

When the moonlight gets a little too serious.

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Photo of a small plastic awards trophy

Ranking Science Fiction’s Most Dangerous Awards

A scientific survey of the relative heft, pointiness, and durability of SFF's most sought-after...