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Book covers of 24 upcoming SFF titles from indie presses

Can’t Miss Indie Press Speculative Fiction for March and April 2024

Spring 2024 titles featuring weird gods, Austrian zombies, and surreal villages...

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Cover of Cascade Failure by L.M. Sagas

Read an Excerpt From L.M. Sagas’ Cascade Failure

A fierce, messy, chaotic space family, vibrant worlds, and an exploration of the many ways to be...

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Cover of Moon of the Turning Leaves

A Quiet Apocalypse: Waubgeshig Rice’s Moon of the Turning Leaves

A review of Waubgeshig Rice's new post-apocalyptic novel.

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Book cover of The Dark Descent horror anthology

The Call Is Coming From Inside the House: “If Damon Comes” by Charles L. Grant

A family tragedy, a foggy night, and a father wracked with guilt...

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Cover of Floating Hotel by Grace Curtis

Read an Excerpt From Grace Curtis’ Floating Hotel

Misfits, rebels, found family—and a mystery that spans the stars

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Cover of Faebound by Grace Curtis

Unapologetically Queer: Saara El-Arifi’s Faebound

A review of the first book in a new romantasy series.

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Book covers of 5 romantasy recommendations

Backlist Bonanaza: 5 Underrated Romantasy Books

Five books with all the magic and swooning you could want.

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Never Mind the Torment Nexus, Here’s Five SF Ideas I’d Like to See in Reality

Hey, tech billionaires—if you want to steal ideas from science fiction, start with these...

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Photograph of a robot with human-like features

Five A.I. Characters I’d Be Proud to Call My Friend

From a stuffed tiger to a sentient music player, these A.I. characters would all be terrific com...

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Cover of The Djinn Waits a Hundred Years

This House Has Old Bones: Shubnum Khan’s The Djinn Waits a Hundred Years

Maura Krause reviews The Djinn Waits a Hundred Years by Shubnum Khan

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