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Cover of Malicia by Steven dos Santos, showing five people walking into a dark, spooky amusement park. Over the entrance is a sign with the title of the novel and a grinning face with glowing red eyes

Read an Excerpt From Steven dos Santos’ Malicia

Four friends, three days, two lovers, and one very haunted theme park.

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neon light rainbow against a wall decorated with phrases including "Love is Love", "Support Love", and "Live and Let Love"

Twelve Poems to Help Celebrate Pride Month

As June draws to a close, spend some time with these joyful, powerful expressions of queer exper...

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Cover of Snuff by Terry Pratchett, showing Vimes steering a boat, surrounded by chickens, in a chaotic scene.

Terry Pratchett Book Club: Snuff, Part IV

In which we get a lesson in the possibilities offered by retroactive law-making. (Just kidding,...

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Selections from the covers of three SFF fiction magazines from May 2024: Nightmare, Apex, and Clarekesworld

Must Read Short Speculative Fiction: May 2024

A collection of bittersweet stories, involving death and finality and a few tinges with hope...

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Cover of The Maid and the Crocodile by Jordan Ifueko, showing a person wearing a yellow dress and a garland, holding out their hand. The silhouette of a crocodile is curled around the title of the novel.

Read an Excerpt From Jordan Ifueko’s The Maid and the Crocodile

The smallest spark can bind two hearts… or start a revolution.

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open diary, dated June 1925. A bunch of purple flowers and a sepia toned photograph of a man and woman are laid over the diary.

Five Slippery SFF Stories About Losing Memories and the Self

Questions of memory and identity are always tricky, even without the intervention of magical and...

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Cover of Embodied Exegesis

Revealing Embodied Exegesis: Transfeminine Cyberpunk Futures, edited by Ann LeBlanc

A new anthology of cyberpunk and posthuman stories written by transfem authors.

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Cover of Asunder by Kerstin Hall, showing a person in profile, her hand resting on her shoulder. Two grasping translucent hands are reaching for hers.

Read an Excerpt From Kerstin Hall’s Asunder

Sabriel meets Witch King in Kerstin Hall's new standalone fantasy.

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Book cover of The Dark Descent horror anthology

Poisonous Nostalgia and Destructive Antidotes: “Within the Walls of Tyre” by Michael Bishop

A fraught portrait of two deeply damaged people set on a collision course by one long dead and t...

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Cover of Winter's Heart by Robert Jordan

Reading The Wheel of Time: A Rescue and a Battle for the Future of Saidin in Winter’s Heart (Part 22)

Hold on to your cloaks and your ter’angreal, it’s the final chapters of Winter's Heart!

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Collection of 5 book covers of weird mysteries

Backlist Bonanza: 5 Underrated Weird Mysteries

Add these weird mysteries, with unusual investigations and even more unusual investigators to yo...

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