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Nightfire Proves Love is Real With Chuck Tingle’s Horror Novel, Camp Damascus


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Nightfire Proves Love is Real With Chuck Tingle’s Horror Novel, Camp Damascus


Published on July 22, 2022

Senior editor Kelly Lonesome has acquired a new horror novel from two time Hugo-award finalist Dr. Chuck Tingle for Nightfire. Camp Damascus and a second horror novel by Tingle were acquired in an exclusive submission from DongWon Song at Howard Morhaim Literary Agency (NA).

“I am so excited to expand the reaches of The Tingleverse with Tor Nightfire,” said Tingle. “While short romantic Tinglers will continue on their usual self-published schedule, Nightfire will be the home of Chuck’s longform horror releases, and I cannot think of a better place to prove love is real even when you’re frightened.”

Dr. Chuck Tingle is a beloved, acclaimed internet personality who has gained a cult following of over 100k thanks to his message, Love is Real, and by bringing attention to neurodiversity and queerness both on and off the page. Tingle is an icon, celebrating everyone’s ability to exist in their own way, and became a self-published superstar with his erotic short stories, known as Tinglers. As his first traditionally-published full-length novel, Camp Damascus is a departure from Tingle’s previous works. Kelly Lonesome said of the acquisition:

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Chuck’s, both for his Tinglers and his online presence—so I was thrilled when he told Nightfire that he was ready to trot with a traditional publisher. This story gave me shivers and chills, and we are so excited to help Chuck on his mission to prove love is real, even when it’s scary and chasing you through the woods, because horror is for everyone!”

Set at a gay conversion camp, Camp Damascus absolutely reaffirms Tingle’s commitment to telling queer stories with a message of love at their core. Tingle says of it:

Camp Damascus is a queer deconstruction of the demonic possession subgenre. It’s about the power of the historical institutions who shape us, and the terrifying things we discover when these traditions and stories begin to unravel. Ultimately, however, Camp Damascus is about the power of curiosity, and the strength of love. Kelly Lonesome and the whole Tor Nightfire team are the perfect fit for helping Chuck on this journey, overflowing with kindness and sincerity, and allowing Chuck all the creative space I could ever hope for. I can’t wait for readers to trot along with us and continue proving love is real.”

Camp Damascus is the world’s most effective gay conversion camp. Nestled in the Montana wilderness, parents send their children from around the world to experience the program’s 100% success rate. But, this story isn’t about that. This story is about Rose Darling, a God-fearing young lady who can’t stop puking up flies. It’s about her parents who ignore her visions of an eerie woman with sagging, pale skin who watches from the woods. It’s about the desires deep inside Rose that don’t seem to make any sense, and her waking nightmares that are beginning to feel more like memories. And maybe, just maybe, it’s a little bit about Camp Damascus after all.

Camp Damascus is slated for publication on July 18, 2023.


Chuck Tingle (he/him) is a mysterious force of energy behind sunglasses and a pink mask. He is also an anonymous author of romance, horror, and fantasy. Chuck was born in Home of Truth, Utah, and now splits time between Billings, Montana and Los Angeles, California. Chuck writes to prove love is real, because love is the most important tool we have when resisting the endless cosmic void. Not everything people say about Chuck is true, but the important parts are. Find him on Twitter @ChuckTingle

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