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Revealing <i>Embodied Exegesis: Transfeminine Cyberpunk Futures</i>, edited by Ann LeBlanc


Photo of editor Ann LeBlanc and the cover of the anthology Embodied Exegesis: Transfeminine Cyberpunk Futures

Revealing Embodied Exegesis: Transfeminine Cyberpunk Futures, edited by Ann LeBlanc

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Salmoneus (Robert Trebor), Gabrielle (Renne O'Connor, and Xena (lucy Lawless, discussing the pageant on Xena: Warrior Princess, S2E11, "Here She Comes... Miss Amphipolis"

A Work of Artiphys: The Crowning Glory of Xena’s Campiest, Queerest Episode

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Photo of author and editor Lee Mandelo, beside the logo for Erewhon Books

The Stories in Amplitudes: Stories of Queer and Trans Futurity Showcase a Spectrum of Queer Experiences

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Artist's conception of multiple Earth-like planets

Many Worlds and the Queer Imaginary

Images from three gender-swapping comedies: Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot; Amanda Bynes in She's the Man, and Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria

Some Like It Even Hotter: An Incomplete Guide to Gender-Flipping Comedies

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Black and white photo of author Seth Haddon beside the text: Seth Haddon, Volatile Memory, Tordotcom

Masks, Murder, and Revenge: Announcing Volatile Memory, a Sapphic Trans Novella From Seth Haddon

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Gods, Beasts, and Burgeoning Romance: Aiden Thomas Talks Celestial Monsters

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Speaking Truth Into Being: Trans Identity in Ann Leckie’s The Raven Tower

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What Makes A Knight: The Continuing Influence of Alanna of Trebond

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Revealing The Z Word by Lindsay King-Miller

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Smited, Smote, Smitten: A Reading on Queer Longing in Good Omens

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The Unspoken Queerness in Saban’s Power Rangers

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