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Is the Arthurian “Lady of the Lake” a Metaphor for a Jacked Blacksmith?


Disney Disenchanted movie review Giselle wicked stepmother Morgan

Disney’s Lackluster Sequel Disenchanted Forgets Where It Came From

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Cristin Milioti SFF dream girl trap Made for Love Hazel Green-Gogol

SFF Dream Girl Cristin Milioti Is Breaking Out of Her Archetypal Trap

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The Lady of the Lake Arthurian legend

Is the Arthurian “Lady of the Lake” a Metaphor for a Jacked Blacksmith?

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Charmed, I’m Sure: A Closer Look at Everyone’s Dream Prince

Comment number: 28
Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Cary Elwes

The Robin Hood You Love is A Lie

Comment number: 85
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Modern Witches Are So Much More Than Just Mothers/Maidens/Crones

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Kate Daniels Ilona Andrews Strong Female Character

Sleeps With Monsters: Strong Female Characters and the Double Standard

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Last Song Before Night Ilana C. Myer

I Tell Lies About Last Song Before Night

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Last Song Before Night epic songs archetypes characters Ilana C. Myer

Last Song Before Night is Written Like One of Its Own Epic Songs

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The Dragonlance Chronicles Reread: Guest Highlord Damien Walter on Raistlin Majere

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Snow White: The Blankest Slate of Them All

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Fairytale’s Most Wanted: The Five Most Well-Known Character Types

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