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A Blank Ticket: How <i>Trigun</i> Taught Me the Importance of Storytelling and Love


Illustration of Vash and Wolfwood in a panel from the Trigun Maximum manga

A Blank Ticket: How Trigun Taught Me the Importance of Storytelling and Love

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Close-up photograph of a generic board game and a six-sided die.

Five SFF Board Games With Excellent Lore

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Two close-up images of Christopher Reeve in Superman and Keanu Reeves in The Matrix

The Essential Storytelling Device That Fuels Superman and The Matrix

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K-pop Videos Hold the Key to Better, Weirder Storytelling, and Here Is My Proof

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Monarchy, Power, and the Stories We Tell

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Life and Death in Final Fantasy VII

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margot robbie in barbie

Barbie Has Always Been About Storytelling

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

What Breath of the Wild Can Teach Us About Storytelling (and Life)

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Illustration depicting Little Red Riding Hood encountering the wolf

Mother and the Wolf: Maternal Power in Fairy Tales

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Engaging in Fiction: Megan Whalen Turner Explores New Corners of Her World in Moira’s Pen

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Star Wars, Luke Skywalker

What the Original Star Wars Trilogy Teaches Us About Storytelling

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Kirk with phasers pointed at his head as he opens his communicator on Star Trek: TOS

Five Ways to Make Sure Technology Doesn’t Get in the Way of Storytelling

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