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What <i>The Sparrow</i> Got Right About the Future — And What It Missed


Book cover of The Sparrow, arranged in a repeating tile pattern

What The Sparrow Got Right About the Future — And What It Missed

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Is It Possible That Johnny Mnemonic’s Future Is Better Than Our Own?

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Five Sci-Fi Books Featuring Futuristic Technology

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Novelist and Documentarian John Crowley Talks H.G. Wells and Movies: The Sleeper Awakes and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis

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Moving Towards Science Fiction Thinking

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The Man Who Wasn’t There: Normal by Warren Ellis

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David Mitchell is the Second Author to Join the Future Library Project of 2114

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Midnight in Karachi Episode 55: Madeline Ashby

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women cyborgs IUDs implants RFID microchip bodyhacking

At Least Ten Percent of Women Are Cyborgs

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Gothic Fiction, Chris Lough

Our Future is Here — And It’s Gothic

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Charlie Jane Anders All the Birds in the Sky TEDx Talk

Watch Charlie Jane Anders’ TEDx Talk on Science vs. Nature and All the Birds in the Sky

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The End Keeps Starting Over: Dissident Timelines in Nowhere Men, Killjoys and East of West

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