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Five Classic Sword-and-Planet Sagas

Jack Vance

Bad Science: Five SF Stories Involving Selective Breeding

Comment number: 50

Beyond Dune and Foundation: Golden Age and New Wave SF Classics That Should Be Adapted Right Now

Comment number: 71

From Pravic to Palp-Semaphore: Seven Ingenious Languages in Speculative Fiction

Comment number: 17

Five Books Featuring Alien Oceans

Comment number: 61

Five Classic Sword-and-Planet Sagas

Comment number: 72

Gene Wolfe’s The Shadow of the Torturer: Part 2

Comment number: 8

Gene Wolfe’s The Shadow of the Torturer: Part 1

Comment number: 17

Culture or Madness? How Jack Vance’s Worldbuilding Redefined “Adventure”

Comment number: 5

A Lean, Mean, Writing Machine: Jack Vance Was Science Fiction’s Tightest Worldbuilder

Comment number: 42

Did We ALL Write a Book About Space Elevators? Why Unfortunate Coincidences Happen in Science Fiction

Comment number: 48

How Gene Wolfe Starts a Story (and Where to Start Reading His Work)

Comment number: 22

Five Classic Works of SFF by Authors We Must Not Forget

Comment number: 19