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Rebirth of the Bat — Batman Begins

Morgan Freeman

covers for Brian Lumley's Necroscope series

Brian Lumley’s Necroscope Series to Be Adapted for New Horror Franchise

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“You just had your ass handed to you by a goddamn retiree” — RED

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“Victory has defeated you” — The Dark Knight Rises

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“Why so serious?” — The Dark Knight

Rebirth of the Bat — Batman Begins

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Now You See Me 2 movie review

Who Tricks the Tricksters? Now You See Me 2

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Lucy is Like a Party Where Clichés Get Drunk and Fight

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Johnny Depp Makes the Singularity Look Great in New Clips from Transcendence!

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Morgan Freeman Messes With Tom Cruise’s Head in New Three Minutes of Oblivion Footage

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New Oblivion Trailer Hints at the Politics of Tom Cruise’s Dystopian Earth

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“The Quantum World”: Introducing the 11th Symphony of Science

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Vincent the Vegetarian Vampire and Other Fantastical Creatures

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