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Six SFF Short Stories About Music and Musicians


Photo of a yellow record on a record player

Six SFF Short Stories About Music and Musicians

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Black Futuras: How Three Pop Divas Adapted the Image of Metropolis’ Maschinenmensch 

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A 25-Year-Old X-Files Mystery Was Solved on Twitter in Less Than 24 Hours

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Five Surprisingly Perfect Song and Sci-Fi Book Pairings

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A Bloody Fool? On Mark E. Smith’s Smile

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K-pop Videos Hold the Key to Better, Weirder Storytelling, and Here Is My Proof

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“We still haven’t scratched the tip of the iceberg”: Music Supervisor Maggie Phillips Talks About Our Flag Means Death

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Marrying the Sea: Maddalena and the Dark by Julia Fine

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Outlander theme song season 7 Sinead O'Connor Skye Boat Song Bear McCreary

The Penultimate Outlander Theme Song Makes the Familiar Sound New Again

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The Witcher Season 3 Isn’t Here Yet, But Jaskier’s Latest Song Is!

Pairing Five Fantasy Worlds With the Perfect Soundtrack

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