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Sleeps With Monsters: Queer Retellings with Women


Five Works of SFF That Draw on Greek Mythology

Comment number: 47

On Remaking Myths: Tolkien, D&D, Medusa, and Way Too Many Minotaurs

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The Power of a Myth Retold: Hadestown Makes A Melodic Case For Reviving and Reimagining Stories

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Sleeps With Monsters: Queer Retellings with Women

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SFF and the Enduring Myth of Atlantis

Comment number: 30

“And the Master-Poet painted…”: Neil Gaiman Revisits Old Gods in Norse Mythology

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Fairy Tales through Gaming: The Ancient Arc of Modern Storytelling

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Five Reasons Not To Piss Off the Fair Folk

Comment number: 18

A Time of Transformation: The Wolf Border by Sarah Hall

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Among Myths: Scale-Bright by Benjanun Sriduangkaew

Comment number: 2

The Deluge Myth: Snowpiercer and Noah

Comment number: 5

Myth is a Garden Where Strange Fruit Grows: 5 Surprising Mythological Tales