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The Uncertain Ones: Ambivalence and A.I.

Philip K. Dick

Philip K. Dick’s Minority Report To Get U.K. Stage Adaptation With Gender-Swapped Lead

Eight Authors Who’ve Written Themselves Into Stories

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Four Science Fiction Novels Set in Future Versions of San Francisco

Within You, Without You: Philip and Jane Dick

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Charlize Theron May Play Philip K. Dick’s Twin Sister in the Unusual Biopic Jane

Mark, Dylan, Helly, and Irving all huddled together in Severance

Severance and the Work of Philip K. Dick

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TBR Stack: The Transmigration of Timothy Archer by Philip K Dick

Killing Your Brain Like a Poisonous Mushroom: The Transmigration of Timothy Archer by Philip K. Dick

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Beyond Dune and Foundation: Golden Age and New Wave SF Classics That Should Be Adapted Right Now

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Philip K. Dick’s Vulcan’s Hammer Will Be Adapted by Hunger Games Director

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Screenshot from Blade Runner

Crack the Case With 5 SFF Detectives

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The Folio Society’s Next Gorgeous Release Is a Limited Edition of The Complete Short Stories of Philip K. Dick

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map of the known world from 1544, depicting an unfinished North America and missing Australia

Not All Worldbuilding Needs to Be Meticulous to Be Effective

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