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James Islington&#8217;s <i>The Will of the Many</i> Would Be a Perfect Show for Fans of Hypercompetent Heroes

Please Adapt

Book cover of The Will of the Many, arranged in a repeating tile pattern

James Islington’s The Will of the Many Would Be a Perfect Show for Fans of Hypercompetent Heroes

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Tess of the Road Is the Compassionate, Personal Fantasy Journey We Need on Our Screens

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Yangchen Could Be the Future of the Avatar: The Last Airbender Franchise

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Alex White’s Salvagers Series Could Be an Epic, High-Flying Sci-Fi Film Trilogy

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An Adaptation of Robert Jackson Bennett’s Founders Trilogy Could Steal the Spotlight (and Everything Else)

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Neal Shusterman’s Scythe Might Signal a Fresh Direction for SFF Blockbusters

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We Need a Little Hopepunk: Why Becky Chambers’ Wayfarers Would Make for Excellent TV

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8 SFF Adaptations Currently in the Works

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Legends & Lattes Is the Warm, Cozy Fantasy We All Need Right Now

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Prosper’s Demon Would Make a Vivid, Hard-Hitting Film Adaptation

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Legends & Lattes Would Be the Warmest, Coziest Fantasy Adaptation Imaginable

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Please Adapt Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere

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