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What Has Daniel Abraham Been Up To?

The Expanse

Maybe There’s a Better Way to Think About Adaptations

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5 Recently Completed SFF Series

A Few Things that Brought Us Nerdy Joy in 2022

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Five Works of Cannon SF

This Is Not the Continuation of The Expanse That You’re Looking For, But It’s Excellent

The Expanse’s Series Finale Includes an Easter Egg for Everyone

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Good Hunting, Rocinante: The Expanse Ends With “Babylon’s Ashes”

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There Has to Be Another Way: The Expanse’s “Why We Fight”

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Five Recently Completed SFF Series

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Still Working on That Whole Trying-Something-Other-Than-Violence Thing in The Expanse’s “Redoubt”

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There Are No Easy Choices In The Expanse’s “Force Projection”

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The Expanse Sends the Rocinante on the Hunt in “The Azure Dragon”

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