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After Work, We Are Otherworldly: Anime’s Take on Urban Fantasy

Urban Fantasy

Image from the anime series The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

After Work, We Are Otherworldly: Anime’s Take on Urban Fantasy

Cover of A Magical Girl Retires, showing a girl drawn in standard manga style, holding a card depicting a rose and a watch showing roses instead of numbers. The title of the novel is pink against a blue background, with roses and rose petals around it.

Read an Excerpt From Park Seolyeon’s A Magical Girl Retires

Photo of author Seanan McGuire and the text "Seanan McGuire / October Daye + Incryptid / Tor Books"

A New Home for Seanan McGuire’s Toby Daye and InCryptid Series

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Book covers of 5 urban fantasy recommendations

Backlist Bonanaza: 5 Underrated Urban Fantasies

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Photo of author R.L Wilburn and the cover of his upcoming book, Cherry Dark

Revealing R. L. Wilburn’s Cherry Dark

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Cover of King of Dead Things by Nevin Holness

Read an Excerpt From Nevin Holness’ King of Dead Things

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Finding Magic in the Unexpected: The Fictional Worlds of Emma Bull

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The Passing of the Dragon

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Five Fast-Paced African Urban Fantasy Books

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The Three O’Clock Dragon

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Screwball Comedy With Shapeshifters: Lia Silver’s Mated to the Meerkat

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The Ultimate Bodyguard: Zoe Chant’s Defender Cave Bear

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