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Drawing Inspiration From Black Magic

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Drawing Inspiration From Black Magic

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Tochi Onyebuchi

Select Difficulty

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Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments Books Didn’t Give Me Validation — But They Did Give Me Permission

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Turning Fury into Unicorns: How to Write Through Anger

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Escaping the Default Future When Writing Science Fiction

Comment number: 89

Five Best Ghosts To Invite To a Barbecue

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Emotional Maps for Mythologizing Your Experience

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Don’t Kill The Dog: The Human-Canine Bond in Stories and Life

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When We Try to Sort Writers Into ‘Plotter’ or ‘Pantser’

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Novelist and Documentarian John Crowley Talks H.G. Wells and Movies: The Sleeper Awakes and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis

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Storm Systems

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Our Winged Brains: The Appeal of Winged Creatures in Genre Fiction

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