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Time Travel

Image from Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain: Tomas Creo approaches the tree

Suffering and Bliss: The Fountain and Putting in Work on the Road to Awe

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Outlander mid-season finale "Turning Points" Claire graverobber

The Outlander Mid-Season Finale Needed More Exciting “Turning Points”

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Five Stories About the Unintended Consequences of Time Travel

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Five SFF Novels With Fun Approaches to Time Travel

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Read an Excerpt From The Possibilities

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Steven Soderbergh Does Wacky Time Travel in the Surprise Release Command Z

Aporia Trailer Gives Us Another Story Where Messing With Time Travel Is Just Not A Good Idea

Back to the Future Part III Discovers Its Heart in the Old West

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Read an Excerpt From The Infinite Miles

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Still from Outlander, Season 7 Episode 1: A Life Well Lost

Outlander Rescues Itself From the Doldrums With “A Life Well Lost”

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Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch: “E2”

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Read an Excerpt From Cassandra in Reverse

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